09 Jun 2016

How Do You Represent?

“Whether we want it or not, we have a stage, we have a voice and we have a platform.”

In November of this year, the United States of America will elect its 45th president.  This has been one of the most unusual elections to date and will certainly go down in the history books.  We thought the nomination and election of the first African-American president was historical and something that many thought would never happen.  But on this election road we have seen and heard things that we never expected to happen. I am hearing more and more people say that they will not vote for either of the presumptive nominees.  While this gives me great concern I can understand their logic and how they probably reached their conclusion.  

Within the Republican and Democratic parties the nominees have expressed some very startling stances on various issues, but they vow to be strong proponents for their party.  They claim that their beliefs are not only to promote and unify their party but are ultimately for the good of this nation.  However their comments whether on the debate stage, the campaign trail, or during private interviews, sometimes reflect views that are diametrically opposed to equality, the opportunity for prosperity, and freedom for all Americans.  To tear one another down, degrade ethnicities, and rank one segment of society superior to another, should never be the American way.  

Well I’ve talked politics long enough and choose not to go any deeper at this time. I’m sure that the majority of you are just as perplexed as I am when thinking about the future of our country and the leadership that we will be subjected to in a matter of a few short months. However as I follow the news daily which is primarily focused on the election process, I could not help but parallel it to the Kingdom of God.

When we accept Christ as our Savior that automatically means that we are to become His witnesses, His agents, and His representatives. Intentionally God gives us a platform as Kingdom candidates.  We are to be recruiters for Christ whether we realize it or not.  Our goal is not to just enjoy the benefits of our relationship with Him but we should want this same abundant life for everyone we come in contact with.  But do our actions and our words line up with the “party” we’re affiliated with?  Like I said, whether we want it or not, we have a stage, we have a voice, and we have a platform.  

The curtain opens on our stage of life every day.  What we speak in the presence of others is our voice that is heard by those we intend to address and those we have no idea are listening!  The platform we have is how we witness about the God we serve, and His plan of salvation.  I cannot help but believe that just as many of us are grieved by what we hear from the candidates, our God is grieved by what He sees and hears from many of us who call ourselves Christians.  One denomination feels and declares its superiority and righteousness over another, while another points the finger and judges what they deem to be the sins of another.  Since we have all been created by the same God would it not make sense that we unite for the purpose of salvation and equality, and the abundant life that He has promised to all His children.  

It has been proven that Sunday morning is the most segregated time in America.  Rather than coming together for the furtherance of the Kingdom we remain separated, judgmental, and fastened hard to beliefs whether biblical or legalistic.  Just as many people are saying about the election, “I won’t vote for either of them”, there are thousands of people saying because of what they see and hear from so-called Christians that is such a negative representation of God, they declare I just won’t go to any church at all!  They are disenchanted by what is displayed by those who should be shining examples of the very image of God.

Your name may not appear on any ballot this coming November but someone, somewhere you may not even know is listening to you, watching you, and basing their decision on whether to “cast their vote for Christ” by your public platform.

Source: New feed