26 May 2016

He’s Ready, Are You?

“He won’t waste time talking about the present issue when He prefers to speak to the potential of the future.”

Have you ever found yourself talking more about your problems than your blessings?  There are even times when that little voice inside you whispers that you’re complaining and making excuses for your problems. How about that person that goes on and on about everything that is wrong in their life but isn’t putting forth the effort to change the circumstances?

Such is the case with the man that Jesus encounters at the pool of Bethesda.  When Jesus sees him, He asks if he wants to be made whole.  Instead of the man immediately saying YES after being in that condition for 38 years, he goes into a spiel about how he has no one to put him into the water, and every time he gets close someone steps in front of him!  Aren’t we often times like that?  When someone asks us a question or offers to help, we go into a long tale about why it hasn’t happened for us before or how no one has been there to help.

Last Sunday my husband delivered an incredibly profound Word from this very text.  He lifted so many thought provoking points, however one statement he made I will not soon forget.  It has crossed my mind every day since he made the statement.  Although the man with the infirmity chose to go into detail about his 38 year ordeal, Jesus dismissed all of that and simply told him to “Rise, take up thy bed and walk”!  The man did exactly as Jesus instructed and HE WAS HEALED! My husband explained in his message that Jesus may never speak to your issue because He chooses to speak to your potential!  Every time I think about that I could literally shout!  

We devote entirely too much time and energy going over and over our problems, licking our wounds, seeing who we can invite to our pity party instead of packaging it up and giving it to the only One who can solve it all!  What good would it have done for Jesus to waste His time listening to the man’s issue that He already was aware of.  All He needed to know was if he wanted to be healed!  That question and the answer is put before each one of us.  The fact that Jesus did not address the man’s past and all the excuses that came along with it did not mean Jesus did not care.  It simply meant that He controls the future, but it’s up to us if we’re ready to accept it!  To us it may be a miracle, but to Him it’s just what He does!!!

Have you been dealing with something far too long? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  I urge you to stop exerting unnecessary energy discussing it. The next time you have an audience with the Master (and that can be anytime you desire to get in His presence) let Him fix it.  God specializes in things we think are impossible!  He won’t waste time talking about the present issue when He prefers to speak to the potential of the future.

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