03 May 2018

Get It So You Can Give It

In today’s world we are taught at a very young age the principle of “getting” and “acquiring”. We are encouraged to get an education, get wealth, acquire social status, acquire properties, etc. While all those things are important and have their proper place in life, the principle that is equally as important is giving! The gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke ask the question, what profits someone to gain the whole world, and lose their soul? If we are to be true models of Jesus Christ we are to emulate who He is, what He did while here on earth, and what He continues to do.

One could never refute the necessity of acquiring wealth in order to live the best possible life now and prepare for the future and retirement. Yet, I have heard stories that are unfathomable where a person has died and left their wealth to their beloved pet. Many people spend years and thousands of dollars in universities to attain multiple degrees and yet do very little to pass along the vast knowledge they have gained.

What good is it to purchase property after property, but not share any of the skills you learned along the way, nor help a fledgling entrepreneur to get off to a solid beginning. The truth of the matter is that as we get, giving should become second nature to us. The more blessed we are, the more we should want to bless! Seeing others living a better life; and thriving not just surviving should be a part of our character. There should be something within us that not only is driven to succeed, but also has the drive to want others to succeed.

Admittedly some life lessons were not easy for me to get. Some had to do with my spiritual walk and relationship with God. I spent many years as a member of the church, but not realizing that I was a daughter of the King. By not realizing that fact, I did not avail myself to all the benefits of a child of God. You see whenever we learn lessons, no matter what phase of life you find yourself in, it then becomes your responsibility to pass it along to those within your sphere of influence or to whomever the Lord sees fit to place in your path.

Many people may want help or guidance, but have no idea where to look for it, or may be ashamed to ask. I am convinced that what you have that has made your life better, should be shared with others. I can attest to the fact over and over again the more you give the more He’ll give to you.

Source: First Lady Denise