27 Apr 2017

For Such A Time As This – 2017 Retreat Recap

For such a time as this means that everything that has happened to you was leading up to this very moment, it means that there should no longer be any delay, that you have all you need now to go forth and do what God has purposed for you to do. The Esther by Design Retreat was for me a time of refreshing, having not been at a retreat for well over four years. As I look back at the weekend, I see how I have grown spiritually from the previous years retreats I had attended. More spiritually grounded and secure in myself as a woman and minister, I can surely say it was good for me to be there.

The worship was powerful, yet sensitive all at the same time. The Praise & Worship was indeed rich. The team in unity and in harmony ushered us into the presence of God as they ministered various songs. Not only were the words of the songs ministered with sincerity and conviction, but also every word took on their rightful meaning! From the words of the song: joy, which had the congregation, smiling and dancing with exuberance to the words of the song: Elohim is the Almighty; which allowed us to understand that in all our circumstances, He is and will always be the Almighty God! The Freedom Movement dance team, with every part of their bodies, brought the words of each song to life! I always say that having the gift of dance is the ability to convey the gospel of Christ through movement and indeed, that is what they did.

Through the word we were reminded that we were BUILT for this. Everything we have encountered on our journey thus far we are built for, that we will not be taken out, but we are on God’s set time. The word also convicted and if we allowed it to, helped us to get back on track with our God given assignments.

As we came to the end of the retreat there was a sealing service, by the founder of Esther by Design, Pastor Denise Carpenter. This for me was one of most powerful and significant moments. Each lady was given a beautiful gift boxed watch. We were all instructed to set the time on the watch to 12. The significance of the number 12 being that 12 signifies the start of a new day. As I set the time to 12, I heard the Lord say to me He would redeem the time. You see many of us may have felt like they have wasted time, that they were no longer on schedule to do what God had purposed for them. However, as I heard those words, I heard the Holy Spirit whisper to me. My thoughts are not your thoughts, and my ways not your ways! In Essence God was saying that I was in the right place and on time for such a time like this.

I would encourage every lady to make plans to be at the retreat next year April 20-21st 2018. The theme being: His Revolutionary Reign. Ladies, I promise you that you won’t be disappointed! God was faithful and made a way for me to attend from the U.K. I know that if it is your hearts desire He will do the same for you. Be blessed and encouraged as you surely are in Gods set time.

Source: First Lady Denise