New Course October 2015

We invite women ages 16 to mature adults to take part in these exciting and enlightening courses. Each session promises not only to be educational and rewarding, but it will be a time of sharing, fun, and fellowship. At the end of each course attendees will be prepared to fulfill their role as a woman of God not only within the church, but the academy is used as an empowerment tool to impact their families, communities, and the world at large. It is the goal of the academy that the ladies of Esther’s Academy recapture the art and joy of femininity and womanhood. Each lady will be equipped to fulfill their power and rightful place, as predestined by God, yet still maintain the soft touch of being a woman of God.

Baltimore Symposium

January 14 – January 16 2016

It is often said that life is a journey and life is what you make it.  Although most of us desire success, the management, balance, decisions, and direction of life can present countless challenges.  When we partner spiritual principles with disciplined actions we raise the possibilities of success to probabilities at maximum levels.  The goal and objective of this symposium is to demonstrate the effectiveness of a disciplined life through biblical principles that will effectuate success for the body, soul, and spirit.

Annual Retreat 

April 22- April 23 2016

The day to day life of the average woman whether she is a wife, mother, or single is generally filled to capacity and beyond with responsibilities.  Oftentimes days and weeks go by and she literally has no time that can be labeled “me time”.  For this reason the Annual Esther Retreat was established.  It is specifically planned to give women the opportunity to pull away from all their demands and discover the respite they need and deserve.  It is here that they can enjoy the fellowship of other women and be spiritually and naturally blessed and refreshed.