13 Oct 2017

Elder Micah Dorsey

Micah Danielle Dorsey is the eldest daughter of Timothy and Denise Carpenter. She was born in Youngstown, Ohio on October 23, 1981.   The path of her life’s journey was shaped long before conception as she was destined by God to continue and fulfill her long family lineage of Levites, ministers, teachers, and pastors.

Elder Dorsey has an uncommon thirst for knowledge that pushed her to pursue and accomplish three degrees; a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Leadership and Ministry in 2012, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration in 2015, and a Master’s Degree in Ministry of Pastoral Care and Counseling in 2017. Currently, she is an adjunct professor of Math Literacy and General Accounting at the Marion Correctional Institution.

Elder Dorsey accepted her call to the ministry and was ordained by her father, the founder and pastor of God’s Way Ministries in December of 2014. Her anointed style of preaching and teaching displays the unique ability to intertwine her years of medical and biological studies dealing with the physical body and demonstrates how it correlates with the spiritual aspect of God and man. Micah is gifted to ignite her audiences with the excitement and anticipation of God’s presence.