23 Feb 2017

Don’t Give Up Too Soon!

I believe we can all attest to the anxiety and despondency we experience while waiting for something to come to reality and it seemingly is taking forever.  I would venture to say that even the strongest and most faithful Christians have gone through that whether they are bold enough to admit it or not.  As times goes on the strong faith we once had is replaced by outside voices, as well as our own that urges us to give up. 

Those voices of discouragement that are diametrically opposed to the hope we should have, now begins to entertain such declarations as:  “giving up the ghost”, “jumping ship”, “abort the mission”, “throw in the towel”, and “what’s the use”.  As each one of these statements came to mind, I asked myself if this is ever the type of language we heard Jesus use even in the darkest of situations!  NEVER!   Therefore, if we know that this type of language would never originate from our Savior, then it only leaves one point of origination – Satan himself!

Jesus never promised this journey of life would be easy, nor did He say it would work out according to our plan.  What He did say was that all things work together for the good of them that love God; and He admonished us that His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts higher than our thoughts; and the thoughts He thinks toward us are thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give us an expected end.”  

So, in other words to sum up these three paraphrased passages of scripture He has promised to work things out for our good, but He must do it His Way so that in the end it will be what is best for us and grant us peace.  He did not say He would not give you the desires of your heart, but the Father truly does know what is best for you.  I had to reach a certain level of spiritual maturity to be able to digest this and not react like a spoiled brat when things did not go the way I thought they should.  But trust me, it does not come automatically and it is often not the immediate “go to” reaction when I’m waiting for God to do what I need Him to do.

You see Satan is the master of discouragement, and if he backs you into a state of discouragement a few times, he is smart enough to know that this is the perfect path for your hope to be buried permanently.  The progression although devastating, can be very smooth and subtle in its process.  Doubt turns to fear, fear turns to despair, despair turns to hopelessness, and then faith is virtually non-existent.  When something once existed and then somehow diminishes or disappears, it is extremely difficult to rebuild and restore.  It is oftentimes easier to birth and build something that never existed, than to rebuild and restore what was once there.

If you have been waiting for God to do something in your life, no matter how long the wait has been, I urge you not to give up until you know God has said NO!  I encourage you to be mindful of your thoughts, be cautious of your speech, be patient in your posture.  Waiting for God to manifest Himself takes diligence.  Proverbs 21: 5 tells us, “The thoughts of the diligent tend only to plenteousness; but of every one that is hasty only to want.”  To be diligent is to be constant in effort and persistent in doing and thinking.  I have even asked God to show me how to pray for that which I desire, whether it be for myself or someone else. 

When I endeavor to pray His way, it becomes fervent, intentional, and detailed.  Get rid of those hindrances and ways that separate you from God and His promises, and then lock into those prayers that He most certainly desires to answer.  James 5: 16 states  “ . . . The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much”.   Instead of giving up; pray with intensity, enthusiasm, and anticipation that you might hear and see what the Lord has to say!   He is not the kind of God that desires to string you along to lead you into frustration and despair.  If His answer is YES, you will see it come to pass; if His answer is NO, He will make it clear and give you peace and comfort with that which is not just BETTER, but is BEST for you!


Source: First Lady Denise