Diligence, Discipline and Determination
26 Mar 2020

Diligence, Discipline and Determination

Times of crisis can bring out the best and worst of us. Hopefully, the best is what we’re striving for at all times.

However, the word striving best describes the strength of our actions. Getting through any crisis takes desire and the action it takes to bring it into reality.

Actions of diligence stem from a mind that is intentional. There must be earnest, persistent effort exercised to accomplish what is undertaken. The normalcy of life for everyone has drastically changed and we have no choice but to adapt to the changes enforced. Although the local and federal government agencies have imposed certain restrictions and guidelines that must be followed by everyone, each individual must determine what the “new normal” will be for them. You must be diligent in determining what that will be for you and your family.

Make decisions as to how you are going to make your present situation better and stick to it! Take a good, hard look at yourself introspectively. Capitalize on the good you see, start changing what you don’t like. Keep working on goals (short and long term) that were previously set. Remember this is temporary! Recognize that you must put WORK into accomplishing anything worthwhile.

For some, discipline is difficult to manage under normal circumstances. Discipline is having the drive and behavior to do what is necessary even with the absence of another individual to supervise or govern your activity. Many people are now forced to work at home, and no longer have the constant interaction with a supervisor or co-workers. The question then comes, and likely will be calculated at some point, if productivity levels will decrease, increase, or maintain status quo. Even for those who are not working from home, the busyness of our lives has been curtailed. Restaurants are closed, movie theaters are closed, fitness centers are closed, churches are closed! Even if we replace some of those outside activities with activities at home, for the most part we have some extra time on our hands. It’s important that we still live life on a schedule. If not, it will be easier than you might think to develop bad habits that can lead to laziness, lack of initiative and energy.

Devise a “new” daily schedule and stick to it.Get up at your usual time of day. These restrictions won’t last forever!

Get up, “get clean” (a phrase my family uses for showers/baths), combyour hair, look presentable. Ladies, if it makes you feel better and more like yourself, put on some makeup and jewelry.

Write out daily and weekly “to do” lists. Check off each one as completed.

Determination is what is going to get us through these difficult and uncertain times. Now more than ever, it is important to look at life through a different lens. Ask yourself questions like, “what will life be like for me on the other side of this?” “How can I live life better?” Hopefully, we are not so focused on what we are watching on television that we are paralyzed by this crisis. There will be life after this!! With the extra time we have it is a great time to pray and talk to God about what He wants us to learn through this experience. There are life lessons to be learned in everything – good and bad. This should be a time of preparation for what is to come next. Life may feel as if it has come to a screeching halt, but it’s only a pause. Determine within yourself that you are going to come through this better than you were when it began.

Replace procrastination with determination. Make up your mind – determine that you are going to learn something new. Start small – try a new recipe, learn a new computer program, read a book. Make a vow to take better care of YOU! Eat better, get more rest, get exercise.

Source: First Lady Denise