Damaged Goods
09 Jun 2021

Damaged Goods

This blog is of particular significance for two reasons. First the title came to me seemingly out of nowhere when I was not even contemplating content for a future blog. The second reason is that I had already planned content of another blog, but I felt compelled by God to issue this one first. Therefore, I feel it is targeted for someone who needs it, and not just me!

Life with all its complexities can sometimes find us wondering what is really going on! Considering the present circumstances and stage in which we find ourselves questioning the true measure of our worth. As human beings God has granted us the liberty to think and act according to our own intelligence and will. However, we recognize that in regard to being granted that liberty we are prone to make mistakes. Those mistakes many times are actions that bring consequences and repercussions. Those actions sometimes result in sin and disappointment to God as well as ourselves. But don’t you think that when God created us He expected these things would happen? Yet He continues to love us with an undying love! If you are anything like me, I have come to realize that I am my biggest critic. While that serves the purpose that I will probably never be labeled as arrogant or egotistical, it also can be a hinderance to reaching my maximum potential. So, there you have it . . . my transparent moment for this week!

When we think of damaged goods our minds most likely are steered to the thought of a shipment of materials or products that have been damaged in transport or delivery. But it can also refer to a person considered to be less than perfect due to circumstances resulting from trauma or decisions and actions that have damaged their reputation. The person is often considered to be no longer desirable or valuable because of what has happened to them. As I began to dissect and look at the two words separately, I saw this two word phrase in a different light. I used the word “light” intentionally because we commonly refer to damaged goods in a dark or dismal manner. Although damage has taken place for whatever reason, the product or person originally was good. The fact of the matter is that it is STILL GOOD! It is just in need of repair. What that repair and the extent of it is totally up to you and God. When we make mistakes and even contribute to our own failures, that does not negate our original worth. God had a plan for us before we were formed in our mother’s womb, and yes even with that plan He knew beforehand the blunders we would make over the course of our lifetime. Jeremiah 29: 11 explains it clearly, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” (ESV) So even the troublesome situations we find ourselves in, God never meant for them to harm us or ruin our lives. Many times, forgiveness if needed from God and from ourselves. I have found that forgiving another individual is often easier than forgiving myself. But I must realize that I was GOOD when God created me, and in His eyes despite … I am still GOOD!

I am not a collector of antiques, but I am learning to appreciate their value. However, a person who is a collector of antiques or those who professionally appraise their value knows how to look past the blemishes which have occurred over time. In fact, sometimes those blemishes make them even more of a treasure. I added that little nugget just in case someone is reading this and feels that because you have reached the seasoned, senior years of life your worth is swiftly decreasing, I implore you to think again! Your value is going up!! Because of your life experiences (including your failures and mistakes), you have so much wisdom and discernment that someone is just waiting for you to share. You may be broken, cracked, and affected by the vicissitudes of life — but despite the damage you are still GOOD!

“Behold, I will bring to it health and healing, and I

will heal them and reveal to them the abundance

of prosperity and security.”

Jeremiah 33: 6 (ESV)