16 Dec 2021

Count Your Blessings

While attending a recent board meeting, we were asked to share our favorite Christmas carol. When it came my time to respond I stated that I do not have a favorite. I explained that I absolutely love Christmas music and can hardly wait for the holiday season to begin to listen to it in my home, play it in my car, and shop to it while enjoying the hustle and bustle of the season. It’s the one time of the year, when the bright lights, Christmas trees and decorations appear to spread goodwill and cheer. Being in the grips of a two-year pandemic is definitely a reason to celebrate the season.

There is a song I absolutely love that is in the movie White Christmas. Every time I hear the song it brings me to tears. Not because of any sadness I feel, but rather gratitude. The name of it is “I Fall Asleep Counting My Blessings”, written by Irving Berlin and sung by Bing Crosby. In later years it was covered by Barry Manilow. Yes . . . I’m a Barry Manilow fan! At any given time during the Christmas season you can find the movie being shown on one of your local television stations or On Demand. I highly recommend it to all my fellow Christmas lovers!

Prayerfully, we will not spend the rest of lives navigating a pandemic with all of its restrictions and highly charged biased opinions regarding the necessity and validity of the vaccine. When we finally arrive at “Post Pandemic”, we will never be exempt from problems, challenges, and struggles. Life will always throw us curve balls. Things that plague our minds to the degree that our spirits are so disturbed we find ourselves unable to sleep. Circumstances and situations that literally bring us to our knees. However, being on our knees, should never be a bad position.

While I love the music of the song, the lyrics are so meaningful. “When I’m worried and I can’t sleep I count my blessings instead of sheep. And I fall asleep counting my blessings. When my bankroll is getting small, I think of when I had none at all. And I fall asleep counting my blessings”. In a single day, we may find ourselves counting the things we have to do; how many projects we have to complete before we end the workday; how many calories we’re ingesting; how much money we have and how much more we need; how many credits it’s going to take before we can graduate; how many more months before the long awaited vacation; how many more miles to go before we reach our destination . . . and the list continues. But in every one of those things, we find ourselves COUNTING, there is a blessing to be found somewhere buried deep inside. Just think, what if we had no strength or energy to do, what if we had no calories because there was no food to eat; what if we had no money at all . . . you get the gist of where I’m going, I’m sure. God is just waiting for us to start counting and adding up the blessings instead of the problems. When we start counting our blessings, it relieves the stress, redirects our focus, and ushers us into the peaceful rest and sleep God has waiting for us. When we fall asleep counting our blessings, guess what? The likelihood of waking up the next morning with a positive outlook and one of anticipation for what the day holds is great! So, instead of counting the “proverbial sheep”, which just might be representing your problems, start counting your blessings.

During this most wonderful season, from my family to yours, I hope you enjoy a Very Blessed Christmas with the anticipation of a Very Prosperous New Year!

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