05 Apr 2018

COMMUNICATION IS KEY . . .(But Not Always Priority)

I was communicating with someone regarding an important administrative matter, and in the course of the text translation she texted the words that initiated the title of today’s blog. She had no idea how much volume was generated through her words. It amazed me that there was so much power in those few words especially since I have a love/hate relationship with texting. I know we’re in the electronic / social media age and there is no turning back, it will only advance forward with accelerated progression.

My adversity toward texting is that it often leaves a lot to the imagination or personal perception. That can be dangerous. At any rate, this blog is not meant to be a platform to express my pros and cons of texting. However, it is all about the importance of communication. Communication is our way of expressing and exchanging information from one person to another. Of course, there are many forms of communication, i.e. written, sign language, music, etc. Today I want to focus on the art of verbal communication and why it should be priority.

As we well know, verbal communication is a means of transferring information and expression of feelings and opinions. God intentionally gave us minds and mouths to speak for that express purpose. That is something we all know, yet we often fall short in properly exercising that privilege. I use the word “properly” because when communication is used improperly or not used at all we open the door to unnecessary misconceptions and unanticipated challenges. The absence of proper communication, contributes to the decline of interpersonal skills. It is very true that communication is key. When something is “key” it holds the solution or the answer, it affords the means of access, and brings clarification. Oftentimes confusion and frustration set in because pertinent information has not been shared or understood that will bring clarification. Many arguments can be averted if time is given to proper communication between all parties involved. Relationships (personal and business) can be salvaged if the persons would be amenable to taking the time to simply speak with each other. We must not forget that communication is a two-way street – give and take if you will!

Not much can be accomplished if the scales are tipped to one side while the other side or the other individual is not given the opportunity to verbalize his or her thoughts and feelings. Speaking and listening, listening and speaking are the foundation principles to successful communication. Knowing and accepting your strengths and weaknesses in this area will help to achieve the most desirable outcome that will be beneficial to those involved. Approaching any situation when one’s stress level is high, or emotions are on a roller coaster, will most assuredly result in things spoken that may be regretted. What could have been an opportunity for a positive conversation, now has the potential to result in negativity and resentment. Where there is a void of proper communication there is no amicable solution. Knowing that communication is key, let’s endeavor to make it priority!

It is highly likely that I will continue this very critical subject of communication in next week’s blog. Should we continue, I will correlate our personal communication skills with how we communicate with the One who knows us best . . . The Father, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Source: First Lady Denise