30 Jan 2019

Be A Success Story

There is no shortage of people who have set goals, followed their dreams, become great success stories. It took hard work, determined effort, and relentless pursuit of dreams that eventually became reality. While we can read about and listen to the stories of others, I want to encourage you to believe that you too can be a success story!

I used to look at others and stand in awe of their achievements and talents, not realizing that success is not reserved for just a few. The fact is, if you do not want to settle for mediocrity, and certainly recognize that your past failures can and should catapult you to greatness, that is the perfect place to begin! No matter your age, current financial status, degree or no degree, family or ethnic background, you have a story to tell. So, why not determine that it is going to be a success story? One of my consistent statements to leaders in my training and development sessions and classes is that someone is always observing you, watching what you do and listening to what you say.

When you think about the magnitude of that it is not a comfortable position to be in, but as the saying goes “it is what it is”. I am sure you have heard the phrase “my life is an open book”. I don’t know too many people who really mean that even when they say it. It really is not a matter of whether your life is an open book, meaning everything about you is open to the world; but in actuality your life should not be a closed book! Experiences in life do not occur by happenstance, everything happens for a reason! Your life’s successes are tied to success of someone else’s. I believe that every blessing in our lives is meant to impact the life of someone else! Our tangible wealth, our education, our possessions are all meant to be shared with those we come in contact in with. It took me a long time to determine that my accomplishments equated to many people who observed me as a successful life. I thought I was simply doing what I knew to do and hopefully it was blessing others along the way.

When I began to view myself from God’s perspective and pay attention to the comments of others, I knew my life was on a course that not only was destined for success, but it is to push others to achieve their success. People are going to “read” you like a book, that is inevitable whether you are comfortable with it or not. You have no control over their thoughts or their opinions. Knowing that, why not give them something positive to talk about? If they allow it, it can only help them along their journey. We would be such benefits to society and to the Kingdom of God, if we stop minimizing our accomplishments, gifts, talents, and those things we have to offer others that can aid them in their pursuit of success.

Source: First Lady Denise