06 Feb 2020

Are You Clearing The Passageway?

In preparation for a sermon that I recently preached, during my study and meditation time, something came to me so clearly I had to incorporate into my message. It was as if God spoke strongly saying tell them that the people who will come to me will come through them! Although the statement may seem simple, I do not believe that it is obvious nor clearly understood.

Yes, we may recognize that as believers that it automatically requires us to be God’s modern day disciples with a mandate to witness to those whom we come in contact with. However, what does that really mean? Some of you may remember a time when those who were considered serious about “witnessing”, would go throughout all kinds of public places and distribute small pamphlets known as tracts. If you came across someone who looked like they were willing and interested to engage in conversation, then that was a perfect open door to “witness” and tell them about your belief in Christ Jesus. Otherwise, you just left the tracts sporadically and anonymously anywhere and everywhere the opportunity presented itself. I cannot tell you how long it’s been since I have seen someone distributing an actual tract. But as my mother used to say, “that’s neither here nor there” . . . the fact remains that people need Christ in their lives now more than ever. Life and all its challenges are pushing people to the brink of hopelessness and beyond. So, what can we, or better yet, what SHOULD we do to help?

I tell people all the time in my preaching and teaching that regardless of whether we like it or not or whether we are aware or not, people see you, you’re being observed! If indeed what I said in my opening statement is true, then we are the living, moving, breathing “tracts” of today! But are we cognizant of the fact that we must clear the passage for them to get to our Lord Jesus Christ? Our lives are filled with so much stuff that needs to be cleared out. Things that are dominating our time and attention that have no rightful place to be there. Things that are robbing us of our joy, keeping smiles off our faces, taking up space that could be much better served helping someone in need. We get so absorbed in things that pertain to “me and mine”, and forget that because there is a discipling mandate on our lives, God has not only given us the space, power, and spiritual ability to handle our affairs and things that concern us; but He has equipped us with the space, power, and spiritual ability to aid others.

The likelihood is very slim of people who have not committed their lives to Christ just one day deciding to pick up a bible or walk into a service at a church located in their neighborhood. I’m sure there is some study that has been done with statistics that show how often that happens. But for the most part people decide to change their lives for the better and get connected with a local ministry because of something that is said or done by a person they feel comfortable with or listen to. They have observed an individual under various circumstances, in different environments and see something they want to connect with. So, with those proven facts in mind, I ask is there a clear passageway “through” us for others to see God? Or can they only see clutter (a life disorganized), frustration, stress, unhappiness, pessimism, complaining, etc. Will they look at you and see more undesirables than desirables? Will they say “no thanks, I can do bad all by myself”, or will they say “I want what they have, because if it can give them a life that is good, I not only want it, but I need it”.

“The people that will come to God today, will come through you”!

Source: First Lady Denise