Esther by Design has been created to aid women in defining and celebrating their femininity and the strength of womanhood. As we continue this great mission we are more committed than ever before to offer programs that are innovative and relevant to today’s woman, her journey through life, and the pursuit of success.

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There is a “queen” in each of us that can only be fully realized if we too submit to our individual process. This process must be adhered to spiritually, mentally, and physically. The result of this process is a unique masterpiece, a specific design. The One who created each one of us is the only one who has the blueprint to His masterpiece. Every individual is a designer original!..

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It is our desire that at the conclusion of each course or special event, attendees will be prepared to fulfill their role as a woman of God within their families, the community, the world, and the church. Please take the time to learn about all of the exciting courses, programs and events that Esther By Design has to offer. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions we would love to hear from you.

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Pastor Denise B. Carpenter has committed her life to leadership and ministry for over 30 years. Her commitment to wholistic ministry and her strong passion to see women everywhere become all they are destined to be motivated her to write a personal development curriculum entitled Esther by Design (EBD) formally Esther’s Academy.

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This collection of women, from all walks of life, have the heart for seeing women empowered and made whole. With their individual skill sets and passion to serve, these women stand behind the vision of Esther By Design and its founder to provide excellent service to all those who participate in Esther By Design Programs.

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