Pastor Denise B. Carpenter has more than 30 years of leadership and ministry experience. She has served in many roles such as Church Business Administrator,Executive Director, Special Events Director, and Consultant to several corporations, non-profit organizations, and churches across the United States and abroad. She furthered her educational pursuits through Dow School of Business, and later at Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, Virginia where she received her certification in Church Business Administration. After many years of serving faithfully in the background, God has pushed her to the forefront where she is widely recognized as teacher, preacher, lecturer and counselor.

In December of 2005, Denise and her husband, Reverend Timothy W. Carpenter co-founded God’s Way Ministries International. On March 4, 2007, she was ordained to the office of Assistant Pastor where she currently serves passionately in their local church. Due to the longevity of her marriage and the desire to see others succeed and prosper, she and her husband completed their certification in marriage and pre-marital counseling through Prepare Enrich. Her commitment to counseling, spiritual guidance, and mentorship exemplifies her dedication to serving others.

Lady Denise also has a strong passion for training and developing women. Her mission is to aid them in the discovery and fulfillment of their purpose in life, and to embrace it freely and boldly while celebrating their unique femininity. She has written a personal development curriculum for Christian women entitled Esther’s Academy. This curriculum made its debut in England in 2004, and later expanded to other areas throughout England and Scotland. Esther’s Academy was established in the United States in Columbus, Ohio in September of 2006 and continues to thrive with expanding curriculum and enrollment. In June of 2015 Esther’s Academy was officially renamed Esther by Design. Since that time Esther by Design was launched on the east coast of the United States reaching women in Maryland, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, and Virginia. It is within this in-depth anthology of courses that God has established a platform for Lady Denise to encourage women of all ages to realize their true identity and guide them through their journey to destiny. Through the ministry of Esther by Design, Lady Denise hosts annual retreats, conferences, and symposiums.

God continues to expand her territory and influence through her literary gifts. In March of 2016, she published her first book entitled Your Journey Through A Personal Spiritual Rehabilitation (A 21 Day Devotional). Her writings have also been published in the compilation books One Sister Away, Volumes II and III. Denise’s encouraging devotional writings can be found in her weekly blog entitled Marvelous Works!

Denise married the love of her life at the tender age of 19. She and her beloved husband Timothy are the proud parents of two adult daughters, Micah Danielle and Maurielle Danae, and five beautiful grandchildren. Their joy and marital bliss has been made complete by their 10 adopted children given to them by God, and the blessing of eight additional grandchildren. Her greatest joy is serving God, and enjoying life with the love and happiness of family.