22 Nov 2016

A Prayer of Thanksgiving

Dear Lord,

I come with a heart full of gratitude for Your bountiful blessings unto me.  THANK YOU Lord for loving me unconditionally even when I have put certain conditions on myself.  You have been unwavering in Your provision and care for me and for that I am thankful.  THANK YOU for Your grace and mercy that I could never merit by any good works of my own.  Because You created me You know everything about me from the beginning of my days until my end.  

THANK YOU for keeping me through sickness, hard times, fear and frustration, and the instability of my humanness.  Through it all, You have been with me!  Lord I THANK YOU for Your Holy Spirit that directs my path. Your holy word is a lamp unto my feet.  No matter how often I call, You are always there to answer and embrace me with Your love. Father I THANK YOU for the blessing of peace, safety, provision, and healing that has blanketed me and my loved ones.

Lord as I continue to grow and mature in Your ways, I want Your will to be my will.  Anything that is not of You, please remove it from me and take away the desires of those things that are not pleasing to You.  I will seek your guidance in everything I do and in all my decisions.  I ask that You make me a shining example that reflects the image of You that I was created to be.  

As I follow You, I want others to follow me so that they too may experience not just an encounter with You, but the fullness of Your salvation.  My heart’s desire is to share the richness of Your love and blessings with everyone I come in contact with.  I have come to understand that when I seek You and Your Kingdom first, all other “things” will be added unto me and I will live in abundance lacking no good thing!

Lord please bless me with the desire to serve and love others as You do.  Enable me to give of my time, my service, and my financial resources as You have so abundantly blessed me.  At this special time of Thanksgiving, I humbly ask for Your blessing and guidance upon our world, our nation and government officials, communities, churches, schools, work places.

Lord You truly are the source of my joy, peace, and strength.  In You and You alone lies my faith and hope.

In The Precious Name of Jesus,  Amen.

Source: First Lady Denise