24 Jan 2019

A Means To An In

I am certain that many of you read the title of this week’s blog and thought to yourself, “Being a writer, I thought her grammar skills were better than that!” Great catch, however, the title was intentionally written just that way! I was interviewing a person for my podcast that will launch in just a few weeks. This individual is swiftly yet strategically climbing the business ladder of success. I asked the person to take me back to their childhood and tell me when the “entrepreneurial bug” hit them. Surprisingly at the ripe old age of six he was stricken with the bug and it hasn’t let go of him yet – or should I say he hasn’t let go of it! However, along the way there were some serious sacrifices that had to be made as a means to an in. In philosophy, the term “means to an end” refers to any action (the means) carried out for the sole purpose of achieving something else (an end). Of course, you know I did not stop there, I wanted to take a deeper look at the meaning of the word “end”. In doing so, such words as limit, terminate, conclusion, bounds, and cease surfaced. All these words were exactly what I expected to find.

As I researched my thoughts to see why this cliché even popped in my mind, I began to see things quite differently. To shed more light on the subject, I will be transparent about myself and share how I used to feel about doing and accomplishing things I thought were beyond what I deemed I could do. When the Lord began to nudge me and speak into my spirit that it was time to leave my full time (well paying) position and go into full time ministry, it was frightening to even dwell on.

But I always had difficulty questioning authority, and certainly not the ultimate authority and Lordship of the One who created me. But not only did I feel I wasn’t ready, I felt I was not adequately equipped. After much prayer, fasting, and tearful nights, I decided to trust God. I shared that with you because there was an initial “action”, followed by many actions that I had to carry out in order to achieve something else! God was literally taking me out of something to take me IN to the ultimate plan and purpose for which He created me. Yes, there were thoughts that infiltrated my mind to skew my thinking by telling me that what I was already doing was not too shabby of an end! After all, I thoroughly enjoyed my job, it paid excellently well, and I found great favor even with those I supervised and the things I was responsible for.

In my eyes (and many, many others) I was already successful. So, there was really no need to go any further — just maintain and continue serving right where I was. But little did I know that God intended for something to end then and there, so I could go IN to the many other things I am supposed to accomplish. Oftentimes it is necessary, and life requires us to make adjustments and sacrifices NOW so that we can enjoy the benefits in the FUTURE. Life is full of experiences, hills and valleys, successes and failures, but why not change our perspective and see each one as a means to an IN. Those things are meant to take us IN to meaningful relationships, incredible opportunities, broader spheres of influence, prosperity that can be enjoyed and will leave a legacy for our children, and impact society with the education, experience and wisdom that we have been so graciously blessed with. Decisions that we make now may very well involve sacrifices that may not be the most comfortable. It is a proven fact that there are no shortcuts to real success. But let’s look at this thing called life through a different lens. Instead of taking it upon yourself to determine your END, look at every day, every opportunity, every experience as a means to an IN! IN to what you were placed on this earth to do and become!

I humbly request your prayers as I go IN to my next assignment. Next month will be the official launch of my podcast entitled SOMETHING MARVELOUS! I am excited to bring you something new and fresh that will be enlightening and informative.

Source: First Lady Denise